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Travel Review: Six South Street Hotel

If the W is to the Waldorf Astoria
Then 6 South is to the Hanover Inn

The Hanover Inn is across the street from the Dartmouth Green while 6 South is less than 6 blocks away.  So, unless you need to have a view of the campus from your window, 6 South is a great option.  (Well, now that the Inn is under renovation, it’s the only option in town unless you want to join the Occupy movement (which, due to cold weather has moved indoors somewhere).)

It’s perfect for the city slickers who want an urban oasis with a boutique feel.  Decor is very modern…  & red.  (Wait, am I at Harvard?)

Environmentally-friendly products in hip rooms.  Coffee & tea in a comfortable lobby.  Restaurant on the premises.  Helpful staff.

It’s a win.

We celebrated @HeatherPixley’s (Far right (I’m in the center)) birthday at 6 South this year.  She turned 8.


Six South Street Hotel
6 South St
Hanover, NH 03755
(603) 643-0600

Originally posted on Yelp
12 January 2012