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Today’s Luxury Consumer Online

Highlights from the online study include:

Exponential spending behavior: Luxury consumers surveyed showed a household income more than twice that of the non-­‐luxury consumer with their online spend about four times higher…

Luxury consumers rely on expert voice: Though social sites were the most often visited by luxury consumers, they scored very low for trust and quality. Rather, these consumers valued premium content sites for “providing quality information”. 84% of luxury consumers said premium content sites were a trusted resource, while only 11% felt that way about social websites…

Desire for customization may outweigh objections to behavior targeting: Better than half of the luxury consumers surveyed said they “Really like the fact that advertisers are able to customize the ads they see based on their online behavior”.

“This data has interesting connotations,” said Stinchcomb. “While people may be reticent to have their behaviors followed online, it seems that the luxury consumer’s desire to have their environment customized may outweigh that concern.”

Via Condé Nast and Morpheus Media Study Reveals That Luxury Consumers Spend More Time Online; Purchase More Than Non-­‐Luxury Consumer

While I do value my privacy, I’m not overly concerned about about Hermes knowing that I like the color green or Amazon excluding me from their list of motorcycle owners.  They are going to market to me anyway, they might as well tailor my ads.  I have to admit that it’s super convenient.  & yes,  it has resulted in purchases I didn’t plan.  I have a surplus of tennis clothing for someone who rarely (not by choice) hits the courts.  I love stretchy, pleated skorts — It’s true.