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The French Job & The Dutch Man

I have been trying to win a 2 week blogging assignment to travel to the Côte d’Azur with Maurice Lacroix for in June, and write about Australian diver, Sébastien Murat as he attempts to break the free diving world record, diving 703 feet beneath sea level.

In my quest, I encountered Kars van Kouwen, who holds 3 National Dutch Records:

  • 65m* Constant Weight (23-08-2008) Sweden
  • 61m Free Immersion (18-08-2007) Sweden
  • 16:21 16x50m Apnea (10-11-2007) Germany

Not only is Kars already on the dive team with Murat’s full support, he is one of the nicest men in the freediving communities.  It would be an honour & a joy to work with Kars, & he has already generously offered to teach me to freedive if I make it onto the team as a blogger!

An experience of a lifetime!

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Merci Beaucoup!!

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