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What’s Your Number?

Why $50,000 May Be the (New) Happiness Tipping Point

A landmark 2010 Princeton University study showed that money really can buy happiness — up to a very specific point. The researchers (including Nobelist Daniel Kahneman) found that up to about $75,000, annual income closely correlates with emotional well-being. Beyond that threshold, however, more income doesn’t translate into more happiness. On average, an American earning $575,000 isn’t likely to be any happier than one making $75,000.

Well, forget $75,000. A new poll by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion suggests that as little as $50,000 brings genuine happiness. According to the survey, those below $50K weren’t as personally satisfied with their lives as those above that mark in areas such as one’s housing situation, personal relationships and overall direction in life.

Because I’m happy in Manhattan & I suffer from wanderlust, my number needs to be a little higher…

Average home price in Manhattan: $1.4 million

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — High-end buyers came to Manhattan to spend money during the second quarter, helping to lift average prices for homes.

The average sale price of a Manhattan apartment rose to $1.39 million during the second quarter, up 5% from $1.32 million in 2010, according to market data compiled by the Corcoran Group…

The median price, which measures the middle of the market and is less impacted by the high end, rose 4% to $830,000 in the second quarter, up from $800,000 in the previous period, Corcoran said. According to Brown Harris Stevens and Halstead, the median price slipped 1% over the past year to $835,000.

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