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Modern… Love?

The New York Times is reporting that there is No Scrolling Required at New Dating Sites

CAN you find love in six minutes?

That’s how long bachelors or bachelorettes are allowed to stand onstage narrating a PowerPoint presentation about themselves to nearly 75 eligible singles at Me So Far, a new monthly event in Chicago. Some speak of a song that changed their life. Others reveal a time when they felt as if they had failed. There are slides of their living rooms, the insides of their refrigerators, even their debit-card statements.

Well, that’s…  different.  It’d be interesting to watch, but I’d feel too much like I’m at a work meeting(?)

“real-life matchmakers who use Klout scores to help match couples”

How does that even work?  FYI, my Klout score currently hovers around 50 & the average is 20.  However, I tend to date men who don’t Tweet.  (Maybe that’s my problem?  Ha.)

Desire for face-to-face introductions is also spurring the proliferation of geo-location dating apps like Grindr and Blendr, SinglesAroundMe, and Skout. And it’s inspiring nascent sites like FriendlyLook, Hitch.me, and Coffee Meets Bagel, all of which try to make Internet dating more like small-town dating by enabling singles to meet through friends and colleagues.

First, “Hitch me” ?  Intense much?  Second, Hitch.me uses data from LinkedIn profiles.  Hello, potential awkward moments in the office: “That’s the guy I hired 2 months ago!”  But I suppose that can happen using any site.

Coffee Meets Bagel wins points for a cute name.

I remain skeptical, however.  Of all online dating sites.  Despite hearing success stories from my friends.

Do you have a success story?  Please share!

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