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The Best Tech Conference that Nobody Knows About


Every year, StockTwits CEO Howard Lindzon invites around 75 entrepreneurs, VC investors and Wall Street types to geek out in San Diego for a weekend, exchange ideas and drink on Howard’s tab.  Big macher, nerd-celebrities like Brad Feld, Jeff Clavier, Shervin Pishevar, and Paul Kedrosky are all part of the mix.*  And then for good measure, Howard invites a few peons like me to present at the conference’s Demo Day.  For those interested, here’s a great summary of the demo day presentations.

(*apologies for the gratuitous nerd-celebrity name dropping)

In my opinion, conferences are like startups.   It’s always, always always about the people.

As a rule of thumb, strong startup teams make for strong startups.  And in the case of a conference, a strong attendee list will make for a strong conference.   This was definitely the case at Lindzonpalooza.  It wasn’t just good because of all the heavy hitter nerd-celebrities in attendance.  It was good because no matter who you talked you, you couldn’t have a bad conversation.  There were no weak links. Everyone in attendance was interesting and creative.  But more importantly, all the attendees were just good people with strong values.

This sounds like BarCamp Elite.  I’d love to be a guest.

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