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BarCamp Boston 7

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I attended my first BarCamp this year.  I joined the Boston conference held at Microsoft NERD.

Microsoft NERD

I held a session in the morning: The New Job Search, which discussed the ways in which those seeking employment can leverage social media to enhance their professional identity online.

Other speakers led talks on programming languages, entrepreneurship, user interface/experience…  The confirmed session grid in progress:

Session Grid

In another area, people added ideas for sessions & called for presenters by voting with check marks:

Session Ideas

I volunteered to hold a session on Twitter in the afternoon.  I was pleasantly surprised to have a dozen attendees in each of my talks, both of which concluded with someone coming up to me to thank me for my advice.  I also got a Twitter shout-out from Tim Wong, who proved himself to be a Twitter expert — He was a great help in answering questions from the group.  Sporting his Twitter handle, @tim_wong in a sky blue shirt made by his company:

Tim Wong

My friend & fellow Dartmouth alum, mrob also enjoyed himself.  While he was setting up his session: Dynamic Organic Pattern Formation (Reaction-Diffusion, Game of Life) someone in the group of about 30 asked, “Are you the Robert Munafo who created HyperCalc?  I used it in high school & it blew my mind!”  Yes, he is indeed that Robert Munafo & here is a list of his Perl Scripts, including HyperCalc.

I had a good time.  Very glad I attended & I look forward to future BarCamps.

BarCamp Boston 7

Thank you to Microsoft + all the sponsors & organizers.


Jay Neely (pictured below) answered questions as a volunteer & gave a great session on social media:

Jay Neely


BarCamp is Boston’s geek unconference, organized on the fly by attendees, for attendees.

The event is free and open to anyone, but you don’t just attend a BarCamp — you can host or participate in discussions, demo your projects, and meet other techie, geeky people like you.

BarCamp Boston topics include: technology, marketing, food-science, startups, sci-fi, development, social media, gadgets, communities, design, hardware hacking, UI design, entrepreneurship, AJAX, open source software, robotics, art, mobile computing, bioinformatics, RSS, social software, programming languages, the future of technology, and much, much more!

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